Canciani Daniele

Daniele Canciani

Analyst and Software Developer

Name:Daniele Canciani
Date of birth:19 April 1990
Address:San Giorgio di Nogaro, Italy
A software developer with expertise in Java SE, C#, Android (native), some iOS (native) and Web development. I also own 3 Linux servers that I use for personal projects or to host projects for third parties. Currently I'm attending a master's degree in Computer Science while working for a web agency.


January 2013 - present

Freelance developer


Over the past years I accepted small freelance jobs (“occasional services” in the Italian law system) with the main goal to learn new technologies. I focused on:

  • web development: both frontend and backend;
  • Android native development;
  • server adminĀ on my personal server or on server bought by other and managed by me.
June 2013 - August 2016

Analyst and Software Developer

Nohup Srl

Employed as an Android/iOS and Web analyst/developer.

I developed Android applications using native Google SDK and third party libraries such as Facebook SDK, Maps, Network, Image Caching, Push services, etc…

Basic knowledge of iOS native development. For both platforms I’m experienced with the process of publish and update on the official stores

As for web development I mainly used PHP and CMS like Magento, Pimcore, Drupal and WordPress. To meet our client requirements we almost always need to develop custom modules or plugins. I also had to develop small custom CMS (using for example Zend Framework) and do maintenance on websites coded in various framework (or entirely custom-made).

Decent knowledge of Javascript (mainly jQuery) and CSS (CSS3, Less).


January 2013 - present

Master’s degree

Computer science

I’m attending a master’s degree course in Computer Science at University of Udine. I choosed to specialize in “Software development”.

Right now I did 9 exam out of 12 with an average mark of 28.

September 2004 - July 2009

High School

ITI A. Malignani Udine

Electrical engineering technician with a final mark of 75/100.

Winner of two competitions: BTScuola 2008 and 2009, a competition sponsed by BTicino SpA where the students choosen from the entire school had to study and design a big electrical installation.

Work experience

June 2008 - June 2009

Pittini SpA


Two work experiences of three weeks each that were done in the last two years of High School. The first one was mainly to learn the company profile, legal aspect of the job (metalworker industry) and safety rules. During the second one we created, within a team composed of other students and senior workers, an automated implant (using Siemens PLCs) to clean the exaust water used to cool the implant.

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